Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tomato Cream Sauce Pasta & Foccacia

Pasta's so good we could eat it every week. Even if it's the same ol' tomato spaghetti sauce. But I'm always looking for other recipes, found this one for Tomato Cream Sauce at It was like a cross between the usual tomato marinara sauce and alfredo sauce. I added some mushrooms in there as well. It was a little rich but not too rich like alfredo sauce. I've never had vodka sauce before but I'm guessing it's close to this. Very tasty. This one's a keeper.

Made some foccacia to go with it, this recipe is from as well. I have never had much luck with foccacia, they always come out too dry, flat, or hard, but this one was soft and yummy. Mixed some italian seasoning mix to the dough, topped with pizza seasoning and parmesan cheese. There were no leftovers. ^_^

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