Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sweet Cherry Cherry Pie

A few days ago we went on our annual cherry picking expedition with my folks.  I had only planned on getting one bucket but somehow came home with two and a half, which meant we had a lot of cherries.  So this year I thought I'd give cherry pie a go although I had never been a fan of cherry pie to begin with, hence I never baked it.  Most recipes I searched for asked for tart or sour cherries but I had sweet cherries.  And then I came across one, very simple and had to get only a couple ingredients from the store so off I went.  The pie was very easy to make, I cheated and used store bought pie crusts.  And in about an hour, the pie was done.  And my goodness, it was good.  I think it was the sweet cherries that did it for me.  The four of us almost finished the entire pie that night.  I'm sure I'll make this one again before the cherry season is over.  Recipe by Kraft Foods.

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