Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grapefruit Sorbet

Another one of those times I am truly glad I have an ice cream maker.  This grapefruit sorbet turned out sooo good, perfect for the summer.  Very refreshing and full of grapefruit goodness.  I kinda cheated and used store-bought grapefruit juice instead of squeezing my own.

So simple, just grapefruit juice and sugar.

4c. grapefruit juice
1c + 2T sugar

Cook 1/2c juice with the sugar until the sugar dissolves.  Add the remaining juice and chill.  Then put into the ice cream maker. 

The sorbet was a little hard to scoop after spending time in the freezer.  I've read adding about 1T alcohol will help with that so I'll try that next time.

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