Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Raw food: Day 2+

Yesterday I tried continuing the raw food diet for the second day. Body started detoxing around 1pm, headache and drowsiness hit hard I had to take an one hour nap. Woke up somewhat refreshed and could still feel the detox. I give in and have a piece of toast and I start feeling better . Later I eat some leftover crab legs before they go bad and some grapefruit for my evening snack. I feel normal the rest of the night, decide to step on the scale and I've lost five pounds! I'm not the kind who weighs herself daily, maybe once a week. So I'm not sure if the weight loss is due to the raw food diet since it's only been a day or two, but my weight's been pretty consistant for 20+ years (minus the pregnancy years, of course). Morning of Day 3: last night I went to bed kinda late (that's why I usually don't nap ^_^) woke up 6.5 hrs later feeling well rested. I usually sleep 7.5-8 hrs. My body wasn't achy like most mornings. Feeling pretty good so I had a raw breakfast. Seeing my folks for lunch at a Mexican restaurant today so I wonder how my body will react. Maybe a taco salad and let my kids eat the shell...

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