Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Raw for a Day

The raw food diet has been catching my interest lately, especially since reading Steve Pavlina's blog. Having been eating mostly vegetarian the last few months, it seemed like it was a good time to just give this thing a try. The kids are with my parents for a few days so I don't really have to cook, it was perfect timing to try it out for a day.
Breakfast: a bowl of fruit. I was surprised how much this filled me. I couldn't finish it all. I went to my usual Jazzercise class afterwards and felt normal.
Mid-morning post-exercise snack: Celery sticks with homemade raw peanut butter and sunflower pate, and leftover fruit from breakfast. The raw peanut butter was ok, I'm so used to roasted nuts that the "raw" taste didn't appeal to me a whole lot. The sunflower pate, on the other hand was really good.

Late Lunch: Lettuce boats with sunflower pate and guacamole. These were really good. My main concern with this diet was that I'd be constantly hungry. Surprisingly this was not the case. The mid-morning snack filled me enough that I didn't have my lunch till 2pm.

The sunflower pate tasted good as dip too. It would make a good spread for crackers.
Dinner (sorry, forgot to take a pic): Big salad and a banana.
Overall, I felt pretty good. Felt a little tired around 3pm but I'm not sure if it's from the exercise or a mild form of detox. Later in the day I developed a mild headache as well, possibly my body going into detox but I'm not sure if that can happen so quickly. The only food craving I got was for warm white rice around 7pm, but it may have been a craving for something warm, for rice isn't strong in flavor.
Having read about the benefits of this diet I think I'm going to start incorporating it into our normal diet, maybe have a raw meal a day or have a raw day once a week, maybe even start sprouting. I'm not going to strictly enforce it but am going to try to do another raw day today.

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